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The Team Behind Coey Stairs Railings and hardwood

An unmatched commitment to quality and ingenuity

Since 1977, the team at Coey Stairs, Railings and Hardwood has been adding their unique craftsmanship and touch to homes throughout the GTA.  Our designs are striking and will be the most talked about element of your home.

Your stairs are an integral aspect of the design and feel of your home.  The texture, material choice and finish can say a lot about your taste and style and they can make your home feel just right.  At Coey, we not only design and conceptualize all of our installations , we are also the manufacturer.

We run our own 15,000 sq. ft. machine shop that produces every component needed for our designs.  Whether your stairs and railings are contemporary or traditional, by manufacturing our own pieces we can deliver the best quality finishes in the business, and we can also provide competitive pricing.

Excellent service! The floors came out beautiful! The team was very professional and efficient! I highly recommend Coey.

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